Tout-Monde Festival 2019 – Echo-Natures Yué #Sorority in Miami 3/14/19

Tout-Monde Festival 2019 – Echo-Natures: Yué#Sorority in Miami
Thursday, 03/14/2019 – 07:30 pm –
Perez Art Museum Miami
1103 Biscayne Boulevard,
Miami, Florida 33130
Cost: free

Yué is the name of all the women who ever invest and occupy with their body a piece of public space: in this case, PAMM’s waterfront. Myriam Soulanges and Anne Meyer found the bodies and gestures of Yué thanks to stories of women they met during residencies in French Guiana and Guadeloupe. Those stories are now shared with other women from the Caribbean and from Miami. Myriam Soulanges and Anne Meyer show a work of feminine/artistic engagement in a tormented context of social movements and climate change. Hurricanes Irma and Maria have also influenced Yué#sorority, and later on visual artist Guy Gabon joined the project. Forced migrations increase women’s vulnerability and exacerbates inequalities. They need our attention today. The choreographic thread of Yué#Sorority is reconstructed in Miami with volunteer performers who have been meeting up for two weeks in Little Haiti Cultural Center in Little Haiti and the Koubek Center in Little Havana during dance and sewing workshops with the artists.

> A climate dance and installation created by:

ANNE MEYER (French Guiana)
GUY GABON (Guadeloupe)