World Premiere of VANDAL at Miami Film Festival 2019 3/7/19

World Premiere of VANDAL at Miami Film Festival 2019
Thursday, 03/07/2019 – 09:30 pm –
MDC's Tower Theater
1508 SW 8th St,
Miami, Florida 33135
Cost: $13

Nick, better known as “Damage” on the streets of Miami, is the young leader of an infamous graffiti crew that leaves its mark wherever it goes. As they grow larger in fame and number, problems start arising–Nick’s personal life goes on a downward spiral; the illegal nature of his passion is bound to get him in trouble with the authorities, and, on top of that, he has to learn to fend off the local rival crew.

A local production shot in Miami’s neighborhoods of Wynwood, Little Havana and Little Haiti, Vandal takes the very thrilling world of graffiti art and explores the struggle of street artists to keep their art alive as well as the social backlash that goes hand in hand with pursuing their biggest passion. Director Jose Daniel Freixas, a graffiti artist in his own right since the age of 10, puts his firsthand experience in the world of graffiti to good use by highlighting Miami’s gritty streets as well as its multi-cultural heritage to show a city full of color, life and passion.

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