BeLOVE Valentine’s 3 Day Breathwork Retreat (Mind-Body-Spirit) 2/16/18 – 2/18/18

BeLOVE Valentine’s 3 Day Breathwork Retreat (MIND-BODY-SPIRIT)
Friday, 02/16/2018 – 02/18/2018 07:00 pm – 09:00 pm
131 Northeast 121st Street,
North Miami, Florida 33161
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Cost: RSVP: USD 613.74

This Valentine’s weekend we invite you to join us on a very special 3 Day BeLOVE Breathwork Retreat. Specifically prepared for both men and women, this retreat will help you realign your path and harness true passion, intimacy and love.
During the weekend participants will receive an eclectic blend of modalities designed to awaken the mind, body and soul. Beginning Friday evening and throughout the entire weekend we will dive deep using Carolina’s Holistic BeLove Method. Combining a series of lectures and exercises, this content-rich retreat challenges the self and allows you to explore yourself at psychoanalytical level. While there are many beautiful spiritual or ceremonial retreats available, they are often limited in scope and fall short in substance. Many retreats are led by unlicensed healers, coaches, or neo-shamans that don’t have the extensive experience or educational background to really address our inner most selves. Carolina’s BeLove Method takes retreats beyond these limitations and encompasses deeper, empirical methods to help you connect the dots and fully break free from the limiting beliefs that prevent you from love, joy and happiness you deserve.

During the weekend, lectures, teachings and exercises will make up the majority the time, but you’l also have time to share with others, journal or process. One of the exercises that you’ll be doing for 3 days is Breathwork, a rhythmic extended breathing exercise that will help you open up emotionally, release energetic blocks and access early memories. As a Licensed Sex Therapist, Carolina will also introduce you to a Sexercise that combines tantric exercises, breathing, and transpersonal modalities to awaken your sexual spirit. Evolving and growing needs more than one tool, and more than one session because of our holistic complex nature. Carolina treats this complexity between psychotherapy, breathwork and mindfulness in the containment of 3 days.

Artists: Carolina Pataky

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