The Magickal Flow Miami Workshop 11/4/17

The Magickal Flow Miami Workshop
Saturday, 11/04/2017 – 11:00 am – 06:00 pm
Drinkhouse Fire & Ice
1672 Collins Ave,
Miami Beach, Florida 33141
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Cost: Tix available online

Join us for this one day immersion of sacred initiation into womanhood. To learn all about the mystery and magick of your Moon Time that has just been waiting for you to rediscover. A mystery and magick that will connect you to your hearts deepest desires and see you living from your truth. A mystery that could break the code to loving ourselves as a woman.

What if just one day could open you up to a whole new perspective about your body, your power, your feminine soul path? This is a sacred initiation into womanhood, one that we should have received as a teenager, but which rarely happens in our society today. Our menstruation has been looked at with shame, guilt and even fear and yet it is the first initiation into what is meant to be the basis of our maturity, wisdom and innate power. There is a mystery that surrounds it now that must be uncovered. A mystery that is filled with magick, when you understand how to work with it. This is what you will be learning here in this workshop, how to create magick in your life through understanding and working with your natural flow.

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