Fury Road Riding Club Announces Official ‘All Riders Welcome’ Bike Nite Every Tuesday 8/29/17

Fury Road Riding Club Announces Official ‘All Riders Welcome’ Bike Nite Every Tuesday
Tuesday, 08/29/2017 – 07:00 pm – 09:00 pm
Bike Nite
1219 South Federal Highway,
Deerfield Beach, Florida 33441
Cost: FREE

When a motorcycle riding club outgrows allocated parking space, it’s simply a great sign that there’s a better location for the club. Fury Road Riding Club (www.FuryRoadRC.com), the fastest growing motorcycle enthusiast riding club of men and women in South Florida officially announces their new bike nite home at Buffalo Wild Wings, 1219 S. Federal Highway, Deerfield Beach (directly across from Target).

“When you have a loyal following of like-minded individuals, it really made the move smooth and we quickly grew as the word spread about the club and it’s mission,” said Andrew “Dre” Sloan, CEO & Executive Director of Fury Road R.C. “Our new space is very accommodating, plenty of room for growth and the management and service is very helpful to all our riders,” added Sloan.

Fury Road R.C. makes appearances at charity and community events to offer awareness and bring some loud fun to all occasions. Riders wear our signature t-shirts designed by Kala Sloan, Fury Road R.C. Director of Brand Development and Merchandising that are a sign of our mission.

“Every week a featured bike goes under our tent and we ask the rider to share a story about their bike or a ride they took with it and it really creates a nice bond with everyone,” said Adrienne Mazzone, President, TransMedia Group and Fury Road R.C. Director of Media Relations. “We all make sure to greet each rider personally and introduce them to all new riders around so they feel comfortable and look to come back again and again,” added Mazzone.

Some of the rides Fury Road R.C. does brings some thunder to events, share images and help get extra exposure. Our road Captain Michael will plan out rides after bike nite which is our famous tunnel run in Fort Lauderdale or head North up past Mar Largo and the beautiful ride up AIA, as well as many other destinations in which Graciano Drwila, Director of Operations and Sales for Fury Road R.C., will film with his go pro! As riders get to know everyone, they’re added to our group chat where plans are made 7 days a week, rides planned and the Fury Road R.C. family continues to grow.

We invite media to come out and get to know the riders, talk about some rides we’ve done and plans ahead. Special guests will also be available along with some beautiful motorcycles.

For more information about Fury Road Riding Club or how to become a sponsor, visit www.FuryRoadRC.com and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

About Fury Road RC:
is an organically grown riding club consisting of motorcycle enthusiasts that all have a similar desire to ride and ride for others. Our mission of dedication in making an impact throughout South Florida and beyond has created a full throttle of interest from people all over the state. Fury Road R.C. riders attend many events from grand openings to fundraisers, educational institutions and even missions that involved decorated US servicemen and women. Everyone, including attendees and members of the media, adds to the success of each endeavor as we assist in many ways from inviting media, raising attention and sharing your mission with others. Our target is to add exposure to charities across South Florida and beyond!
Fury Road R.C. Website: www.furyroadrc.com, Twitter: @FuryRoadRC Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FuryRoadRC/?fref=ts, Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/furyroadrc/
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