Photographs by Anthony Jordon of Metaxy and The Magic City (Closing Reception) on July 23, 2016

Metaxy and The Magic City
An M.F.A. Thesis Show by

‘Metaxy and The Magic City’ was Kareem David Piper’s Masters in Fine Art thesis show, and reflected his perception of various social settings and transient scenes he encountered on a daily basis here in Miami, FL. The depicted images were sourced from photos the artist had taken while riding the Miami Dade Metrorail, which is very close to the artist’s studio and is itself very symbolic of the transient state that exists here in Miami.

Kareem’s work reflects the contemporary human condition of existing in a constantly ephemeral state. With technology making the world much more accessible, human beings are able to connect far and wide like never before. His work questioned the true depth of these connections, made with people and places which are encountered only in passing. The pieces evoked a feeling of internal splitting or dislocation, and forced the viewer to question how they perceived their own reality.

Buffalo Brown (Cog Nomen) provided some vapor funk / ambient live music for us, all hosted at Yo Space.