Florida Families Stand, Dance and Move Against Childhood Obesity 9/27/14

Florida Families Stand, Dance and Move Against Childhood Obesity
Saturday, 09/27/2014 – 09:00 am – 11:00 am
GEMKIDSPower Fit Studios at Opera Tower
1750 Bayshore Drive,
Miami, Florida 33132
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Cost: $10.00

PowerFit Studios and JEMKIDS Acknowledge National Childhood Obesity Month With Fitness Event

Miami, Fl-September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month recognizes the serious threat obesity poses to the health of America’s children and decreasing its prevalence in the United States. PowerFit Studios and JEMKIDS are encouraging young people to make a commitment to their health and wipe out America’s obesity epidemic. They will host a family inspired fitness event on Saturday, September 27, 2014 from 9am-10:30am. JEMKIDS will conduct their weekly fitness class for kids ages 6-13 from 9am-10am. The classes develop overall strength, improve posture, movement & coordination while enhancing balance as well as other motor skills. Different games and challenges are employed to teach children these skills in a way that is fun & engaging. Parents will have the opportunity to get a fitness assessment by PowerFit Studio’s trainer John and Vivian Rice and hear a talk by PowerFit Studios’ celebrated fitness guru, Shirlee Fernandez. Difference Makers will provide complimentary glucose and blood pressure checks. Refreshments will be sponsored by Rozalyn H. Paschal Pediatrics. PowerFit Studios is located inside the Opera Tower at 1750 North Bayshore Drive, Miami, Fl 33132. The cost of the event is $10.00. Parking is $2.50 with validation. Powerfit Studios will also provided registered attendees with a gift card offering 2 Zumba classes, 2 Latin Ballroom dance classes, 20% off spa and slimming treatments and two Power Plate sessions. Complimentary chair massages and aromatherapy will also be provided.

“The growing rate of childhood obesity in our country is alarming,” said Shirlee Fernandez, Founder and Owner, PowerFit Studios, Miami. “Childhood obesity is entirely preventable. We are here to provide ways that encourage healthy eating and fitness habits.”

Jonerik Murphy — the founder of JEMKIDS — talked about the event saying, “Being a physically fit child isn’t about being a great athlete, it is about being a healthy person. If a child has poor posture, it will affect everything from self esteem to performance in school to long term health issues.  Therefore, children should be physically active early on to create strong, healthy bodies.” Jonerik has been certified by the International Youth Conditioning Association (IYCA) as a Youth Fitness Specialist (Level 2). He has a passion to help kids be healthy and move the best they can, whether it is for life’s everyday activities or for sports. JEMKIDS motto is: Infusing Fitness with Fun!

For more informational and to register please call (786)-287-8487 or email shirleefit@gmail.com

About PowerFit Studios
Built on the scientific foundation of whole-body vibration, the Power Plate at Power Fit Studios can grant bodies such benefits as improved muscle tone, increased circulation, and higher bone density. When combined with a

reasonable amount of rocket fuel, session spent atop the platform can accelerate users fitness goals. The private
studio also supports clients’ inner and outer well-being with more traditional approaches, including Zumba, and Latin Ballroom dance,as well as a range of soothing spa services. Power Fit Studios also offers specialty classes in aromatherapy, chakra-meditation and vision board workshops.

JEMKIDS was created by Jonerik Murphy to help develop a culture of physically fit children at a time when the statistics show that the obesity rate is increasing throughout the youth population. While many schools are reducing or eliminating physical education programs to dedicate more time to classroom work, something is being left out: Physical literacy. Simply put, today’s youth spend too much time sitting and not moving. No one can argue that improving performance in school isn’t important. However, it should not come at the expense of physical development.
In this advanced technological age, more children are spending time playing video games than playing outside. JEMKIDS’ programs were created to address this lack of physical activity. As children mature, there is a window of opportunity to develop motor skills and movement skills most efficiently. If children are inactive during the body’s maturation process, than these skills will either be limited or not developed at all. Consequently, there are short term (children being overweight) and long term effects (increased medical expenses and complications as adults). www.jemkids.com