Pied A Terre: Lovely French dining in a tranquil atmosphere by Betty Alvarez

You will never know that tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Miami Beach lies a quaint and dainty hotel in the corner of James Avenue and 17th Street, the Cadet Hotel. This 1941 Art Deco Hotel with 34 rooms and suites is the home to a cozy and elegant restaurant, Pied a Terre. A restaurant with a cuisine like no other.

Pied a Terre prepares healthy french cuisine using classic French techniques used by Michelin-starred restaurants in France today. Their approach to dining incorporates innovative recipes created by seasonal visiting chefs who shares and trains the restaurant’s staff to create recipes especialy for Pied A Terre. Great and different concept.

Our experience started with a refreshing welcome cocktail. Afterwards, Patrick Gruest, Food/Wine consultant explained the different types of dishes and the wine that would most deliciously be a great pair.

For our appetizer, I picked the Fresh Wild Mushroom Risotto. In addition to being the right portion for an appetizer, the outburst of flavor was exceptional. The plate was served hot as the risotto was tender and delicious. The mushroom that complimented it gave its robust flavor. It came with one plantain chip for decor.

As for the entree, I picked the Seabass with Peruvian flavor. I had to try this dish as I am of Peruvian background. The Seabass was very juicy covered with an assorment of Peruvian sauces such as the Aji Amarillo. It also was decorated with tomato, parsley and anchored with Mussels. The meat was tender and melted in your mouth. My dish was paired with a crisp and semi-fruit white wine.

For dessert, the Valhora Chocolate Fondant, a silky smooth chocolate cake with Vanilla ice cream topped with a sweet treat along with rose-shaped strawberries. A great presentation to a tasteful treat. The right portion for the right sweetness. Another guest at the table ordered the chocolate macaroon. Now, I thought they were going to bring the normal small macaroon but boy was I mistaken. It was a huge macaroon with chocolate ice cream on the side with a treat.

All in all the experience was to die for and the ambiance brought a nostalgic memory in me. If you sit in the back table seating for around 10 you can never imagine that you are steps away from 17th Street and Collins Avenue. The curtains really do the trick in hiding it and you feel that you are away in paradise.

It was a pure delight that I want to experience again.

For more information please visit www.piedaterrerestaurant.com