Soul Of Miami and Life Is Art present the River Of Art #14 Pop-Up Show and Networker 5/20/14

Soul Of Miami and Life Is Art present the River Of Art #14 Pop-Up Show and Networker
RiverOfArtWeb14SOULTuesday, May 20, 6:30pm-9:30pm
Porcao Farm to Grill
901 South Miami Ave, #101
Miami, FL 33130

Tickets: $10 with Advance RSVP using discount code “SOUL”
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($20 regular price without RSVP)
Hashtag: #RiverOfArt

Bringing People and Art Together
A dynamic social networker and artist show. Come enjoy a welcome drink, tasty food, good company, great art, meet the artists and support the community!

Featured Artists: Jonathan Brooks, Kelan K. Putbrese, Edwive Seme

Featured Charities: Net Impact, Badges of Courage Foundation

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The River Of Art is a monthly business networker and art showcase combined. We provide more than just a platform for professionals to get together, discuss business strategies and make connections, we create synergies to help promote business by including an amazing art show of local talent!

Art is an inspiring talking point, whether you like a piece or are puzzled by it, discussing it is a great way to break the ice. Culture is one of the primary elements that build community. Hosting a business networker within an art show is a unique way to encourage socializing. Some events include live performances and other surprises! These shows are also important fundraisers and help us continue our programs.

Jonathan Brooks
Jonathan Brooks is an award winning photographer/visual artist, whose work has been exhibited in Art Basel Miami, New York City, Amsterdam, and the United Kingdom. Brooks graduated magna cum laude with a BS degree in Advertising and Fine Art Photography from the University of Miami. He recently launched his line of Teach&Greet Bilingual Greeting Cards on He is a rare Miami native who currently writes and photographs reviews for and is the shop owner of Jonathan Brooks Visual Arts on As a 2013 top ten finalist in the RED, Carl Zeiss, Adobe , HD Video Pro and Digital Video Pro magazines’ 7th Annual Emerging Pro Still & Motion Competition, he just finished his first short film 5 SKULLS, which can be found on vimeo or youtube. He is also currently trying to fund his The True Cuba book project on Kickstarter.

Kelan K. Putbrese
I am an Artisan, and I am a maker of Alchemic Contrivances… with fanciful natures that are intriguing, fun, and a bit absurd – with a daring dash of Steampunk!
And these Contrivances, they come from what? you ask. Well, to answer that in a roundabout way, I’ll start you with a bit of my background. My interests are manifold. I had the opportunity to grow up near the Smithsonian museums and the National Gallery of Art. Visiting these was an oft loved adventure. Another adventure I love is reading: Science-fiction, history, and whatever I could pore through in the sciences.
I was fascinated by such classics as “The Time Machine,” “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea,” “Frankenstein,” and last but not least “Green Eggs and Ham.” These worlds are filled with adventure, strange devices, and many curiosities; indeed the many stories and movies of the like filled my life with imagination and creative energy.
My pieces, fabricated individually from an amalgam of both old and contemporary parts, are born from these stories. They are fashioned from a day before mass production and describe, today, a retro-futuristic style.
These days I’ll often be found in what I call my Lab tinkering, aside my Alchemist Lamp, with devices that may have been found in any of these stories.

Edwive Seme
Edwive Seme is an emerging artist in Miami who has spent most of his life drawing from the inspirations he got from cartoons. He continuously evolve his style and explore new grounds to not only grow as an artist but to also present something fresh to whoever sees his work. He wants to question the world as we know it through his artworks and therefore always tries to focus as much on the subject matter as the quality in his works. When he draws/ paints, he involves himself in the process as much as possible, so that he can become connected to everything he creates; in a way each piece of art is a piece of him. He believes this is one of the best ways to create because having a connection to his creations brings out a certain passion, which can be seen in the final product. His ultimate goal in the final product is to provide visual pleasure, mental turbulence and questioning, and emotional connection.

Net Impact
We provide service programs through Service Corp to help local sustainable businesses and nonprofits by offering our skills, expertise, and knowledge as working professionals to help organizations overcome their challenges to becoming more successful. The Service Corp programs are performed quarterly with the help of a rotating expert Panel, chosen every month from professionals in sustainability, running nonprofits, and entrepreneurs who have faced and overcame similar challenges as those we help.

Badges of Courage Foundation
Badges of Courage Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, was founded by Macarena Zilveti in 2010. Her great-grandmother, grandmother, mother and aun had breast cancer and were all survivors. After her mother had a radical mastectomy, Macarena knew she had to do something to help others afflicted with this terrible disease. The Badges of Courageâ„¢ were created to help raise funds and to pay tribute to these strong and courageous women.
The foundation provides patients who have been recently diagnosed with breast cancer and in treatment, with basic living expenses such as mortgage and rent payments, child care payments, utilities, food, medical insurance premiums, and other life necessities. Our goal is to give these women tranquility and hope at a time when they need it most— when they are faced with breast cancer.