Photographs of Stolen Rum Gave Away 50 Sofas in Coral Gables at Murray Park on 3/26/14

Stolen Rum gave away 50 Sofas in Coral Gables at Murray Park on Wednesday, March 26, 2014. Stolen gave away 150 sofas across 3 countries, no strings attached.

“ Jamie Duff, Stolen founder, went to Otago University in Dunedin, NZ. While studying, having a good sofa was always of paramount importance to a good, homely flat; whether it was entertaining a party, having a ‘friend’ to stay the night, a lazy afternoon sharing a quiet drink with friends, watching sports – or, in those days, perhaps actually loading up your sofa and taking it to a sports game for viewing comfort. With these fond memories in mind, he decided Stolen would give back starting with the Stolen sofas giveaway making this year the year of spreading the love and keeping the memory alive across 3 countries: Sydney in Australia, Dunedin in New Zealand and Miami in the US.”

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Official video from Stolen Rum