Lincoln, AIA Explore Similarities Between Luxury Auto Design and High-end Architecture

>Designers of luxury automobiles and architects of upscale buildings both need to create appealing, intimate and exclusive experiences for high-end clients in a functional environment

>Sophisticated, elegant design that is comfortable and efficient drives the creative process for both disciplines

>Each maximizes space while achieving a perfect balance of color and light complemented by rich materials to stimulate the senses

MIAMI, Feb. 27, 2014 – The goal of luxury automobile designers is to create a sense of occasion each time the highly discerning driver gets behind the wheel.

Architects of high-end buildings are challenged to achieve the same goal. Each discipline incorporates proportion, volume, sculpture, form, materials, graphics and space to provide unique luxury experiences that touch all the senses.

The similarities between these two worlds of design will be the subject of “Designing Luxury,” a panel discussion at the Miami Center for Architecture & Design.

“With any product or experience, the world of luxury design follows basic, yet vital, tenets,” said David Woodhouse, director of Lincoln design and a panelist. “Both luxury automobile designers and designers of high-end buildings need their creations to meet all the necessary functional requirements, but elevate the execution in a way that speaks to people’s aspirations, taps into their dreams and helps them stand apart from the crowd.”

Joining Woodhouse on the panel are two members of the American Institute of Architects: Rene Gonzalez, principal of Rene Gonzalez Architect, and Bernard Zyscovich, managing partner of Zyscovich Inc.

Moderating the dialogue is Javier F. Salman, senior project architect, Stantec, and also a member of AIA.

“I’m excited to learn about something I’m passionate about – automotive design – in a close and personal way and learn how it compares and contrasts to my particular brand of design,” said Salman, who owns a 1971 Lincoln Mark III.

This Lincoln Mark III – chocolate brown metallic exterior with bucket seats and brown interior – is one of a handful of cars owned by Salman, who repairs and restores vintage cars as a hobby.

The panel will explore designing luxury through best ways to interpret heritage and customer aspirations, then using these findings to create the luxury experience.

“Luxury automobile exterior design should be simple, inviting, approachable and most of all, elegant,” Woodhouse said. “Exterior design needs to be complemented by an interior that makes the driver feel comfortable and confident. Ultimately, the two work together to create an experience that is unique, personal and luxurious.

Integrating technology to create a warmer, more personal experience differentiates luxury automobile design. The Lincoln MKC small premium utility will debut Lincoln Experiences when it goes on sale later this year. Lincoln Experiences:

  • Anticipates needs and preferences – As you approach the vehicle it anticipates you, welcomes you and guides you with subtle and focused lighting where it is most needed.
  • Employs fluid, seamless motions and sounds – Unlocking and entering the vehicle is a fluid and effortless experience with refined motions and sounds, ambient lighting and crafted human interfaces.
  • Creates warm and inviting comfort – The cabin is a warm and inviting space with seating that embraces and forms around you, and appropriate ambient lighting to meet your needs and personal preferences.

“I am eager to listen to and participate in the exchange of ideas,” Woodhouse said. “I look forward to bringing back new perspectives I can employ in the automotive world.”


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