Mark Leventhal Medical Fund Auction 1/28/14

Mark Leventhal Medical Fund Auction
leventhalTuesday, January 28th, 7pm-10pm
1237 Lincoln Road
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Mark Leventhal is gravely ill. He is in the ICU. He has an infection that is affecting his body and his brain and we are all praying for him. He’s had a rough go of it lately and any contribution you can make for him will help support his medical needs (he has no insurance) and his kids and other needs that come up. Please show your love.

Looking for local or national brand businesses to donate goods and services to be auctioned to benefit legendary DJ Mark Leventhal. The goal is to have a number of sexy, valuable products and services that people will actually bid upon or outright purchase. This auction will take place on social media AND at the fundraising event Tuesday at 7pm at Haven South Beach. To donate an auction item, please contact Dirk DeSouza at

Cash Donations may be made directly here.

For more than two decades, Miami resident Mark Leventhal has been on the decks at some of the best venues and parties in South Beach. Today, Leventhal lays in a coma at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

His younger sister, Amy Leventhal, says that he went to urgent care last Wednesday because long-term pain in his back had become unbearable. They sent him to the hospital, where doctors found an infection in his body and brain and put him directly into intensive care (ICU).

Leventhal does not have health insurance so his sister started a fundraising page to help pay for his care. (courtesy