Photographs of Brazil Art Fair on 12/7/13

Brazil Art Fair Miami 2013 in Midtown Miami on Saturday, December 7, 2013.

“The Brazil ArtFair Brazil is the first fair dedicated to Brazilian galleries during Miami Art Week.

A gateway to the biggest market in the world and a platform for the promotion, development and valorization of Brazilian artists and galleries.

In the heart of Midtown, an area that gathers some of the most important fairs in the Miami Art Week circuit, Brazil ArtFair provides opportunities for art galleries and design studios, in a 5 day exhibition period.

In our first edition, we will present to the world a rich and creative art scene, with an amazing potential of growth and development. Through an innovative exhibition format that values and gives context to the artworks on our walls, we want our visitors to have an experience closer to visiting a gallery or exhibition, instead of a traditional art fair.”

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