Getting Miami on TrAC 9/5/13

Getting Miami on TrAC
Thursday, September 5, 2013, 6:00pm
TrACBlackbird Ordinary
729 sw 1st Ave
Miami, Florida 33130
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Help get Miami’s new Transit Action Committee (aka the TrAC) off the ground! Join our official launch party at Blackbird Ordinary on Thursday, September 5th starting at 6 pm.

We’ll be joined by special guests & speakers Katy Sorenson, president & CEO of the Good Government Initiative, and Carol Coletta, new VP for community & national initiatives at Knight Foundation.

The party is free to attend, and contributions to help us launch TrAC are welcomed! Contribute online here:

We have all complained about traffic, inadequate bus and rail systems, unsafe bike lanes, unsafe pedestrian conditions and so on. It’s time we do something about it. Our elected officials will not lead on this issue if we don’t stand up and force them to make transit a priority.

Recently, we have gotten together as transit advocates and started a Political Committee called TrAC, which is short for Transit Action Committee. We seek to shift how voters in Miami think about development, traffic, and growth. Our message and work focuses on moving away from an auto-centered mentality towards realizing a long-term vision for a city where people enjoy independence, reliability and choice around mobility.

Please join us for TrAC’s kick-off event. Attendance is free, and donations encouraged.

TrAC will help create a more economically competitive, environmentally sustainable and equitable Miami. We will educate our elected officials in the only way they’ll listen – by creating a voting constituency that will vote and contribute in local elections.