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Artist Laelanie Larach 


Get to know Laelanie Larach An artist who is entranced by the melodies of silence.

By: Tatiana Enriquez

Ansel Adams once said, “When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”  Local artist Laelanie Larach shares in this philosophy. She dances within the spaces, colors and melodies of silence. Letting it guide her to uncover beauty and to create her multifaceted and polyrhythmic works of art.

More about Laelanie:

Laelanie Larach Nieves was born in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. A self-taught artist, she created her first masterpiece at age 15 titled “Mysterious Forrest”. As she matured as an artist, she began changing her style of painting and achieved an innovative style where she was able to combine her two passions; photography and painting. She blended the two in single, trio-dimensional artworks. Her work tells a story that begins at the center of her pieces. This story is then framed, or surrounded by another segment of the canvas with a touch of fantasy and surrealism. The center piece is almost always completely oil paint, giving it a surreal glossy enamel base dripping effect which is reflective of the lines and tones of the central piece and concept. In other works, she only uses oil on canvas in both the center piece and surrounding piece. When one looks closely at each artwork, we can see that she doesn’t follow any specific pattern.

Recently, she has  participated in two fundraising events; “Covers for the Cold”, a Fundraiser benefiting Camillus House (camillushouse.org) in Miami and the expo-sale “Arte y la Paz ” for Fundacion Sampedrana Del Nino in her native Honduras. She says “I always try to support social works and foundations who wish to work with me, to expose my works. I support people with very basic art talent or who are starting, advising and giving tips for their artistic development. My experience in the industry overcame obstacles, and I contribute with my artistic knowledge, helping to promote new talent in this field.”

So what advice does she give new, emerging local artists in Miami? She says, “The first word that goes through my mind on this question is PERSEVERANCE. Never lose faith in your dreams and always believe in what you do. In Art, there are no barriers stopping you from achieving your essence as an artist. Just go for it!  Don’t think twice when you have an opportunity.”

So what’s next for Laelanie? She says, “I’m focused on Art Basel season. My next goal is to share my new collection, in which I’m putting all my effort so I hope everyone will enjoy it!”  Be sure to check out her artworks at ART CENTER WYNWOOD (149 NW 36 ST Wynwood Florida 33127) during Art Basel 2013 (Dec. 5-8 2013) till the end of December.





Lily Pad

“Lily Pad”,  Copyright Laelanie Larach Art



Silent Whisper

“Silent Whisper”, Copyright Laelanie Larach Art



Power of Faith

“Power of Faith”, Copyright Laelanie Larach



Exhibitions in the United States:

Downtown Art Days ( 2012)

Brickell Art Walk (2012)

Stepping Out for the Arts Luncheon (2012)

Pardos Exhibition (2012)

Elite Fine Art Gallery-Art Basel Season( 2012)

Epic Hotel Area 31 ( 2012)

Covers for the Cold Fundraiser benefiting Camillus House(2012)

Exhibition “Journey into the Soul” Art Fusion Galleries (2013)

Exhibition at Marina Blue (2013)

For Artists by Artists at Haven (2013)

Raw / Marvel at LMNT Gallery (2013)

Art Takes Times Square (2012)

 Exhibitions in Honduras:

Exhibition Innovacion at Hilton Hotel

Exhibition Expoventa Arte y Paz

Exhibition Mujeres Artistas (2010)

Photography Exhibition at CCS (2010)


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