AIRIE Artist Talk- Alice Raymond at DV 5/2/13

AIRIE Artist Talk- Alice Raymond at DV
6LR_1y5tThursday, May 2, 2013 at 7 pm
Dimensions Variable
100 NE 11th Street
Miami, Florida 33132

For the past few weeks AIRIE Fellow Alice Raymond has been working on an experimental mapping project, experiencing visitors’ perspectives on the Everglades National Park. In this artist talk she’ll share reflections on this project and her time at AIRIE.

Alice has been busy meeting rangers, scientists, and friends exploring the park with them to get their perspective. With a focus on human actions made through the park, she aims to get a global or outside sense of the use of the park, using her own view to put in balance others’ perspectives. Alice is interested in questioning the sense of wildness and landscape, looking at its evolution through decades and projects, pointing the permanent changes. She uses the vocabulary of maps as an example of the distortion between reality, perception and representation.

Following Alice’s talk we’ll share more information about the residency and the application process for 2014.

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