The Moulin Droze 4/19/13

The Moulin Droze
Friday, 04/19/2013, 09:00 pm – 05:00 am
64826_621648037849054_1559297509_nChalk Lounge
1234 Washington Ave ,
Miami Beach , Florida 33139
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On Friday, April 19th, we cordially invite you to a night of debauchery as we toast to CHARLLIE DROZE.

This annual celebration for the local scenester includes a touch of Red-Light District, a dash of absinthe, the smell of candles and leather, and a raucous European madness that we can only call…
” The Moulin Droze “

We invite you to indulge us by dawning your best burlesque-inspired garb and becoming a character in our cirque. Consider this the one night a year that you can choose who you are… where you can be ANYONE you want to be: A courtesan dripping in pearls and lace, a french aristocrat in his best vintage tux, a can-can girl with only tassels and a boa she stole from a local boutique, a fortune-teller with deceptive intentions… even a penniless poet living from one glass of Pinot to the next with only the urge to write and drink.

All is allowed at The Moulin Droze.

Sensual soundtrack for our soiree will be provided by the incomparable DJ PRIDE. And the Unity Coalition will be serving unlimited complimentary cocktails with a donation to their organization between 10pm and 11pm. (#PartyWithAPurpose)

So please join us for a night of flirting with complete strangers, a night of surrendering to madness, a night of champagne and shows… a night… a night of EXCESS.

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