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Artist Kareem David Piper

Get to know Kareem David Piper: Student of universal truths, purveyor of cosmic beauty!

By Tatiana Enriquez

Nirvana is a state of enduring happiness that is free of conditions. Most, if not all of us, will probably never reach it.  Gaze upon one of Kareem David Piper’s pieces, and you will find yourself, at the very least, believing you are already there. Kareem’s artwork is radiant, compelling, and bursting with introspection and spirituality. It questions everything and holds nothing back. His images reflect his experiences, culture, and desire to explore universal truths. They take us on a journey to what was, what is, and what lies beyond our limited consciousness. Simply put,  his work speaks to the soul and enlightens our minds.

More About Kareem:

Kareem David Piper was born in Trinidad and migrated to Florida at the age of 7. He was quickly scouted and earned a full scholarship to New World School of the Arts. Coming from the rich and vibrant culture that is Trinidad culture,  he took to the arts from a very early age.  However, due to family issues, he returned to Trinidad and did not come back to Miami for another decade. Once back, he joined the Marine Corps and served for 10 years. Kareem’s mixed descent is reflected in his work which does not conform to any one specific genre or style. In his own words, “his work aspires to narrate his own journey of rediscovery of ancient truths and wisdom; especially the power of love.”

 Kareem shows love for his community and gives back by participating in philanthropic efforts. He has donated his artwork and has participated in several fundraising/philanthropic events, including Covers for the Cold, a fundraiser held in December 2013 benefiting Camillus House, and 2 Girls for a Cause, a fundraiser benefiting the Diabetes Research Institute and Walk with Walgreens, held at the Hangar Gallery in Wynwood this past Friday, April 5th.

 So, where does his inspiration come from? Kareem says “[it] comes from the universe and the collective consciousness that binds us all together.” He feels that the Miami Art Scene “…is very young and full of energy and opportunity. I believe that there is lots of love and it is a great launching pad for any emerging artist.” In order for our art community to grow, his view is that “as an artist, and art enthusiast, I think in order to help it grow we simply need to utilize any and all resources at hand to expose the amazing talent that exist in our city, which is already being done. Miami and Miami-based artists are doing amazing things within the art community here and abroad but there should be more outlets to let those things be known, perhaps even outside the confines of our city.” He offers this advice to new artists on the scene, “firstly, I would tell them to believe in themselves, visualize what direction they want to take their art, then act. Participate, get involved, meet people, remain humble and above all else just do your art, don’t forget what it means to you, then give it to the world so that they can have their way with it.”

What’s next for Kareem’s art? He says, “I am currently working on and planning a couple of shows within the Miami area and overseas, no dates yet. As far as what is next, just growth, art is living in me and it grows as I do.”

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Culture Clash, 1310 Gallery Fort Lauderdale Fl,  July 2012.

Hangar Gallery group Shows, Wynwood Fl,   2012-2013.

Basil Pop Up “Creatures of the Night” The Station, Miami ,Fl.November 2012.

City of Pembroke Pines Bi-Annual Juried Show, Studio 18, Pembroke Pines Fl.

Solo Exhibition, “Ascension”  Blu  Moon Gallery/ Studio Coconut Grove, Fl. January 2013

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