Guest Review by Sylvia Pilar: Franklin Sinanan, Painter, Mixed-Media, Sculpture and Furniture Artist

Franklin Sinanan,  Painter, Mixed-Media, Sculpture & Furniture Artist; Art  Center South Florida 810 Lincoln Road, Studio 205, Miami Beach, FL 33139  November Exhibition: “Art of the Macabre” by Sylvia Pilar

Talented artists come from around the world, to live work and create in the Miami area, and it is no wonder that a plethora of   galleries  thrive throughout Miami  stretching far  beyond the Wynwood Art Distract and to the beaches. One of my favorite places to view and attend art openings is  The South Florida Art Center  on Lincoln Road:  The art center houses eclectic artists,  studios  and art in all forms:  from fine art,  to  decorative;  from  the subtle and serene,  to the exotic and erotic … and then there is “Voodoo” art: the dark art; art of the afterlife; art of the spirit world, or, what I will refer to as the “Art of the Macabre”.

It is here  at the Art Center where I had the pleasure of attending  a recent opening featuring resident artists displ aying their art.  It is here, where we meet  Franklin Roosevelt Sinanan, a unique, avant-garde artist like no other. It is here where we can find what I call the ‘Art of the Macabre”. Yes, it is here that we find the beauty in the “Art of the Macabre”.

Sinanan’s tiny studio space is like a miniature museum of voodoo and spiritual mystery. His art abounds in  its entire  splendor.  It is a feast for the eyes, filled with overwhelming images that quietly scream the secrets of another realm with an intensity that seduces the imagination.
Sinanan’s work  is more than just the   expression of the voodoo/dark  arts. It is an expansion of his inner soul  and passion.  It reeks of his vibrant energy beneath his quiet exterior.  There is a flame that sparks light and life into the darkness with or without understanding that  awakens the beauty of the mysterious world in the “Art of the Macabre”.

Many are overwhelmed, many are perplexed and others are in awe of the images of alters, demons,  and  intense emotions  that provoke  the soul  to  question,  and interact with alternative perspectives. Regardless of whatever viewpoint one may have, there is no doubt that Sinanan is an authentic artist devoted to expressing his imagination through his art! During Art Basel Week, Sinanan will have a show at the “Art of Africa” in Overtown.

Brief Bio:
Born  in Trinidad  and raised in Canada,  Franklin Sianan now lives in Miami Beach.  Sinanan is self taught and his work has evolved and h as taken on a distinct Afro-Caribbean flair since moving to Miami.  “In Canada,” he says, “my work never looked like this. It was just a lot of white faces.”    He refers to himself as the outsider  but feels comfortable his work despite the controversial art form.  He says, “I’m Canadian … I don’t know anything about Santeria or Voodoo. “I was born in Trinidad, but I wasn’t brought up there, so all this is new for me. I don’t even know if they practice voodoo in Trinidad. Miami influenced me to create these pieces without really knowing  what I was doing. I just see it as art. But people keep telling me  its voodoo or black magic. But I just pulled this stuff out of my head. It’s all imagination.”

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Sinanan Summation:
“My work allows me to release my emotions and to draw the viewer  into the push  -  pull of life, love -  hate, violence  -  compassion, good -  evil. Through my work I become transparent  -  almost naked. Where nudity only shows my exterior, my art reveals the total me, inside and out  – the real me! I’m not a news junky, nor do  I read any lofty novels, but I absorb the world around me and with a non-religious spirituality I regurgitate my emotions into the work. For me, religion and politics are difficult to talk about, but when I channel it into my work it seems to come alive and mean something. I paint about everyday stuff: abuse, relationships, anger…….. Often my work offends people. I’m always surprised when people think my work evil, because I do it out of love for life. “

Franklin Sinanan