NEW DATE: Ascension and LMNT present Kaleidascope featuring Fashion Show by Kariza 9/8/12

September 8, 2012, 10:00pm
59 nw 36th street
Miami, FL 33127

Ascension and LMNT present Kaleidascope featuring Fashion Show by Kariza

Ascension and LMNT announce the launch of their color themed party, Kaleidoscope at LMNT Art Gallery in Miami’s Design District. This party promises to attract socialites and young professionals alike, looking for that unreserved party experience. Every detail of this party was carefully planned to provide to their patrons the trendy yet festive atmosphere needed to pull-off such an event. With so many genres of music and parties in the Miami party scene, little has been done so far to fuse these categories. This is the very inspiration behind Kaleidoscope… to provide the perfect fusion of all the major musical genres on the Miami party scene. In addition, each musical category is assigned a color to present what promises to be nothing less than a kaleidoscope of colors and cultures.

Considered as the “new kids on the block” in the party scene in 2011, Ascension amazed party-goers with their “Eau de Vie” party during the 2011 Miami-Broward Carnival season. In early 2012, Ascension once again raised the bar with their famed Duo and Pandora all-inclusive parties. This time Ascension partners with LMNT to present what can be considered the one-stop shop of Miami parties. From the vibrant lighting and color arrangements to the wide variety of liquor and bottle specials, every aspect of this party is designed to give the patron that feeling of uncompromised quality and pure uninhibited fun. According to Ascension’s Creative Director Kristof DeVastey, “the elements of a good party are the Where, the Who and the What: choose the right venue, attract the right crowd and provide the right experience”. One thing is for sure, Kaleidoscope sets the tone for a whole new breed of parties on the Miami party scene.

Fearured Fashion Show by Kariza showcasing her new space in LMNT.

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