Photographs from Ignite Miami at The Stage on 5/29/12

Ignite Miami at The Stage on Tuesday, May 29, 2012.  They had 16 presenters that had 5 minutes and 20 slides to do their presentation, and all of them did an awesome job.   Here are the 16 that were chosen for this Ignite Miami and what there presentation was about:

  • Adam Boalt, Hacking Innovation
  • Blanca Stella Mejia, Get out of your comfort zone & into non-comfort for radical change
  • Carlos Miller, Photography is Not a Crime
  • Corinna Moebius, Hyperlocal in Little Havana: Tools that can Help the Neighborhood You Love
  • Craig Chester, Beyond the Automobile
  • Darrill Gaschler, Service can be selfish
  • Emily Taffel, Sex and Magic in Miami
  • Gladys  Diaz, Ignite Your Love Life!
  • Hugh MacLeod, Mastery.
  • Jeff Zelaya, Become a Red Bottom
  • JennyLee Molina, Living with Intention: How to Cross Anything Off Your Bucket List
  • KK Pandya, MakerBot, MakerBodyParts
  • Maria De los Angeles, The Little Hashtag That Could
  • Matthew Hoelscher, This Crazy, Broke Artist is the best Leader I’ve ever met!
  • R. Seecharan, Hacking Your Brain
  • Tony Lima, Science Museum 2.0

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