Preemo Saved My Life

And PhilanthroFest and Soul Of Miami and Life Is Art. On Wednesday, April 11, my computer got hit hard by a virus. Now, I am very careful, use a firewall, an alternative browser, and virus stopping software, but even the most careful of us can get attacked by the right bug.

My computer went down hard just days before the biggest show we have ever done in Miami. Of course, I was in the middle of many projects right at that second and had about 4 days worth of work to do in just 2 days. Now, this.

I immediately called Ivan, my buddy over at Preemo and he had me bring it down right away. He got me in and got right to work on it. He said it would be done no later than the next morning. They had it done in less than 5 hours. I went in that evening and picked it back up. Good as new. Nothing lost.

So, if you need any computer work, I can highly recommend Preemo!

Thank you for using Soul Of Miami!