Free Orientation Brunch Sweet Surrender 1-Day Workshop for Wives and Girlfriends 4/21/12

Free Orientation Brunch – Sweet Surrender 1-Day Workshop for Wives and Girlfriends.
4/21/2012, 10:30 a.m.
Exact meeting location details will be provided upon registration.

Should a wife let her husband handle all the finances, stop giving her opinion and have sex whenever he wants to so they can have a better relationship? Yes, according to Heart’s Desire International, who is hosting a free orientation brunch on April 21st to introduce “The Sweet Surrender 1-Day Workshop for Wives and Girlfriends.” The organization bases its workshops, coaching and retreats on the work of New York Times best-selling author of “The Surrendered Wife” and “The Surrendered Single” Laura Doyle. Doyle will travel from Los Angeles to speak at this event in South Florida.

Heart’s Desire International teaches women to reconnect with their femininity and their longing to be desired. In this age of equality, some critics find the approach outdated and sexist––but not graduates of the Heart’s Desire workshops, who swear by the effectiveness of the company’s methods in teaching them to have successful relationships.

“Not everyone has gotten the word yet that they can put an end to chronic heartbreak and loneliness by learning a few skills,” says Heart’s Desire International co-founder Gladys Diaz. “This spring and summer hundreds will make that breakthrough at our workshops and at the Lifelong Romance Retreat for women in South Florida from June 22-24.”

The organization often receives wedding announcements from graduates of the singles and girlfriends programs and thank-you notes from the wives whose marriages have been transformed into passionate, peaceful, intimate relationships.

“Over a decade ago, Laura Doyle started a ‘Romance Revolution’ which is now practiced in 26 countries across the world. Now she is bringing the revolution to South Florida,” adds Diaz.

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