Creator of Modern Art Gonzo Journalism Maverick Artist Victor-Hugo Vaca Jr. Speaks at Deerfield Beach Library 3/24/12

Creator: “Modern Art Gonzo Journalism” Maverick Artist Victor-Hugo Vaca Jr., featured artist March 2012 to speak at Deerfield Beach Library
March 24, 2012 4-5:30pm
Deerfield Beach Library Percy White Branch
837 East Hillsboro Boulevard
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441
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If a picture is worth a thousand words, the artwork of Victor-Hugo Vaca Jr. speaks volumes. “In a world where what a celebrity wears , or doesn’t, makes headlines, I realized that a journalistic void needed to be filled, to insure future generations grasp the reality of our existence, in this era of revolutionary change.” An innovator, sometimes called, “radical”, Vaca created Modern Art Gonzo Journalism, by fusing Hunter S. Thompson’s Gonzo Journalism with the cryptic art-style of subliminal messages in works by icons like Dali and Picasso. The artist who shares his birth name, Victor-Hugo, with the historic French revolutionary, was inspired by works like Picasso’s “Guernica” revealing the tragedies of war and Dali’s “Paranoiac-Critical method”.

“Art is history. Art is life. ” Victor-Hugo says. “From the cave paintings of Lascaux in France to the art left behind on walls of the ancient city in Pompeii, Italy, we can assess the human condition of our ancestors, by studying the images created by artists.”

With a journalistic background and education, the artist FOX News calls, “The Modern-day Andy Warhol”, set out to edify the masses by painting news stories often overlooked by mainstream media outlets. Modern Art Gonzo Journalism, through Vaca’s work, creates a diary of the world on canvas, illustrating events that influence the evolution of modern civilization.

Throughout history, artists have been visionaries who celebrate humanity and circumstance through unique interpretations. “As an artist”, Vaca explains, “my job is to paint what I see; the beautiful chaos that propels life forward. It is up to investigative journalists and government agencies to do their job by following up on the clues I have put into my paintings.” His Modern Art Gonzo Journalism series has appeared in newspapers, on television shows and in movies.

Vaca’s own conviction to ethics, placed him in the midst of controversy and danger, converting his circumstance into an award- winning short film inspired by his paintings. Based on actual events, the movie, produced, directed and written by the talented multi-media artist, has gained an underground cult following, now being made into a major motion picture series, entitled, “Redemption: The Story of the Crackhead Jesus Trials”. True to the mission of The Modern Art Music Movement, which he founded, Art, Music and Film are natural partners of expression.

Vaca’s work can be seen by private appointment at his Hillsboro Beach Studio and at exhibitions around the world. For more information email to opt in for schedules.

About the Maverick Artist Victor-Hugo Vaca Jr: The artist, who has been called, “The Voice of the Lied-To-Generation”, created his works for museums but he does not shy from exhibiting his art in nightclubs, storefronts, restaurants or any other location where he can raise awareness while spreading his message of peace, love and hope to the masses. “When people visit museums, they learn about themselves. History is what we all share in common, as a human race. I want future generations to realize that we were more than just sound bites and photo-ops.”

His body of work exceeds 500 original paintings, often created live, on stage, during Modern Art Music Movement (MAMM) Happenings and events called, MAMM Jams, wherein he interprets musical notes, frequencies and wavelengths in color on canvas to the rhythms and beats of music industry icons, including members of Cheap Trick, Boston, Aerosmith, The McCoy’s, Berlin, The English Beat, The Goo Goo Dolls, The Bellevue Cadillac, The Wailers, The James Brown Band, Berlin, Steely Dan & The Doobie Brothers to name a few.