South Beach Wine and Food Festival gets better every year By Betty Alvarez

Every year I get the priveledge to attend the South Beach Wine and Food Festival’s Grand Tasting Village and this year it did not disappoint. The day started out a little rainy but thank goodness that it subsided around 11 a.m. Rain, rain go away! I want to eat and drink today!! For those who are not familiar with my yearly routine on this festival, I am going to explain further.

First get there early, somewhere in the midst of 9:30 a.m.-10 a.m.since the area outside the tasting tent opens at 11 a.m. It’s a process on where to park, make the line, get your bag and glass etc. Most important thing is where to park which depending on what time you arrive at Miami Beach could be difficult but if you get there early you can find parking easily via Pay As You Park instead of the overpriced flat fee parking. It will save you a lot of headaches if you plan to leave as soon as you are done for the day.

Then you have to wait in line until the gates open to the tasting area. This is a good opportunity to make your calls, get to know other people or tourists or just wait. Just remember, the people who get in first are the VIP’s with Fast Access cards then for the others, they will get in after.

Once inside the area, there is a cornucopia of seminars, tastings of food and cocktails everywhere you see. And this is before the Grand Tasting tent opens which is at 1 p.m.

When it is close to 1 p.m., once has to be already by the second gate. However, they let the first people in and they get escorted to the second tent. When the gates of the second tent opened, the variety of food and drinks were ready to be devoured.

Food from every restaurant imaginable, wine, spirits, champagne, and deliciously desserts from all kinds have gone through my mouth that day. It was a packed house but what can you expect from South Beach Wine and Food Festival. Truly, this is an even no one has to miss.

I got my fix of food, liquor and seeing friends I have not seen in such a long time. The festival always seem to amaze me from the various decorative settings on either the alcohol and cuisine tables to the free giveaways.

This year was truly another year of great fun, food, celebrities under the great hot sun.

Kudos SOBE Wine and Food Festival! Until next year!!!

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