Live Wednesdays at Ricochet present Liquid Blonde 3/14/12

Live Wednesdays at Ricochet present Liquid Blonde
Wednesday, 14 March, 10:00pm-1:00am
Ricochet Bar and Lounge
3520 Buena Vista Blvd
Miami, FL 33127
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Live Wednesdays @Ricochet Present Liquid Blonde

Liquid Blonde: (liq·uid [blond]) – noun 1. – liquid anti-matter exciting all 6 senses. 2. – 5 member elecrto sci-fi rock ensemble. Liquid Blonde was spawned in a dark dingy room in front of an old computer in 2008 A.D. by the creator, Tyler Stone. After being cast off and raised by a pack of wild cyborgs, Stone journeyed to Planet Earth to tame the wild beasts with his amazingly inventive songs, music production, and performance. It wasn’t long before he was oozing through the underground New York City Nightlife as if he were liquid. Stone comes factory equipt with an over-active libido, can of hairsrpay, and a collection of the sexiest and deadliest musicians in Manhattan. Dutra, a Brazilian-American, can pick a solo, sip Jack, and pick up a lady simultaneously. Brianna O’Hara Ores, a multi-dimensional babe that is just as deadly behind the bass guitar as she is with a hair crimper, rattles your mainframe. Dee Axx, the Russian-American Greek-God shreads the meanest guitar this side of the Epsilon Quadrant. And David Barton, the muscle building, lady killing drummer has shaken entire civilizations with his beats. Transformed into one organism, they hi-jack and intoxicate the cryogenically frozen music subculture and give them life. Liquid Blonde: Had your fix lately?

Phone: 786-353-0846

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