Dark Dining Sexy Valentine 2/15/12

Dark Dining Sexy Valentine
Chef Adrianne’s
11510 SW 147 Avenue
Miami, Fl 33196
(305)408-8386 or (305)408-8388
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Looking for something completely different to impress your Valentine? Take your valentine on a culinary experience never to be forgotten at Chef Adrianne’s Vineyard Restaurant and Wine Bar for the most sensuous Dinning in the Dark ever.

The stage is set and the lights are out as you and your date are blindfolded and feast on the most erotic menu that Celebrity Chef Adrianne Calvo has prepared for this Valentines. See what happens when you think no one is watching and discover how you’re other senses kick in and enhance every flavor, smell, texture, touch and caress. Pump up the kink factor into your relationship for one night of decadence that is sure to continue once you get home.

You’ve always heard about how aphrodisiacs enhance your libido, this time put it to the test at this exotic dinner created for lovers. Sure, you can have a nice dinner at an upscale restaurant and wait in line as hostess’ scramble to deal with over booking or wait patiently as servers tend to a myriad of guests because it is one of the busiest nights of the year or you can make your reservation on February 15 and treat the one you love to an unforgettably erotic dinner she will brag about to all her friends.

“I am looking to fill the air with love and sensuality by creating a menu that will get your motors started and setting the mood by turning out the lights but, what happens after you leave, no one has to know.” – Chef Adrianne Calvo
Chef Adrianne’s Vineyard Restaurant and Wine Bar, the enclave that has become an epicenter of gastronomic creativity in the highly competitive South Florida restaurant scene, will serve as the host location for this sensual dining adventure. This highly acclaimed culinary gem tucked away from all the vapid South Beach scene, brings to mind Napa Valley and is emphasized by the Northern Californian décor and luxurious wine options.

The Dark Dining format, which entails that participants dine blindfolded in a particularly dimly-lit setting throughout a multiple-course meal, has proven to be an ideal platform for the work of a chef that is already renowned for her ability to pleasantly surprise her guests and their palates on a regular basis with dishes that feature a succulent, and often unprecedented, combination of flavors. With their sight temporarily unavailable, Dark Dining guests at Chef Adrianne’s are able to hone all of their other senses in on their meals, considerably enhancing their level of enjoyment.

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