Social Media with a Heart Keeping Social Media Real and Organic Seminar at Social Media Week 2/16/12

Social Media with a Heart: Keeping Social Media Real and Organic
Thursday, February 16 at 2:30 PM – 3:45 AM
Arsht Center
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When there are too many “gurus” and “experts” and when new media is no longer “new” it’s very difficult to keep social media real and organic. Has social media lost its roots of creating real relationships, clients, and engaging followers or has it gone to the “dark side” of solely being a tool for marketing campaigns that lack the “personal” touch?

This panel will explore how South Florida professionals are using social media to create a community. These professionals, all from different backgrounds, use social media with a heart – nurturing friendships, professional relationships, and communities around them. Social Media in Miami started and has its pillars on an organic approach which brings together and encompasses a diverse community including bloggers, journalists, public relations professionals, artists, and website builders who work together and engage each other in activities that ultimately lead to lasting friendships – Miami Social Media is not so much about B2B but P2P.

The panel will discuss the different learning environments created within the social media community (WordCamp, BarCamp, HeartCamp, Social Media Club, Latism and Tedx) as well as real life activities, tweetups, networking events and groups which support, grow, and engage Miami in a real and organic way.

Alex de Carvalho, Co-Founder, VoxMed
Maria de los Angeles, CEO/Freelance Writer, Multimedia Publisher, Vicequeenmaria Productions LLC
Janie Coffey, Director of Sales & BRand Experience, One Sotheby’s Realty
Natascha Otero-Santiago, PR Consultant, NOS-Communications
James Echols, Co-Founder, Life is Art/Soul Of Miami

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