Mirabai Ceiba Sacred Chant Concert 1/14/12

Mirabai Ceiba Sacred Chant Concert
Jan 14, 2012, 7:30 p.m.
Unity on the Bay
411 NE 21 Street
Miami, Fl

Stop, Breathe and Smile is honored to present an uplifting, purifying and inspiring concert extraordinaire with Mirabai Ceiba Live! Experience a blissful weekend of self renewal which begins with an evening of spiritual music and soulful chanting. Mirabai Ceiba expresses their hearts through music in Spanish, English and Sanskrit.

The weekend culminates with “A Gift of Life” Sacred Chant Workshop. Mirabai Ceiba, through their dedication to the discovery of the healing energy of compassionate love, will take you on a journey traveling through the vibrations of the voice to penetrate the soul and manifest healing and peace. This intimate experience will take place on Sunday, January 15, 2011 from 2-5 PM at Sacred Space, located at 105 NE 24 Street, Miami, Florida. Ticket prices for the concert are $20 in advance, $25 at the door; and $40 in advance, $50 at the door for the workshop. These events are open to the public and tickets may be purchased at Unity on the Bay’s bookstore, www.unityonthebay.org, www.spiritvoyage.com and by calling 888.735.4800.

The name Mirabai Ceiba expresses the influences of both India and Native Latin America. The Ceiba is the sacred tree of Latin America, where these trees are never cut but are allowed to grow very tall. “We wish our music could be like that kind of tree, with roots deep in the Mother Earth and branches extending wide into Father Sky. Mirabai is for us the wandering, the devotion, the inspiration in all the different aspects of divinity,” says Algelika and Markus.

In 2001, their eyes touched in the crowd at a street fair in Edinbourgh, Scottland and their love took hold of them. They created together Mirabai Ceiba expressing their hearts through music and sacred chant. There is something magical about the combination of Angelika Baumbach and Markus Sieber. “Their music comes from a pure space of love and devotion. It is soothing, peaceful, and very meditative, ” says Deva Premal. Their voices and skillful dance with their instruments is so authentic and pure that you feel the sacred sound current in such a precise way that your heartbeat begins to beat with the rhythm and your blood flows with the melody of their song. A concert with Mirabai Ceiba is uplifting, purifying, inspiring and altogether powerful.

With deep, rich journeys into the sound that is lush, earthy and otherworldly, you will travel your inner universe through their music. Their incredible vocals are accompanied by Angelika’s harp and Markus’ guitar to stunning effect. Ancient Gurmukhi Mantra’s, sacred chants and songs of spiritual poetry by Rumi, Thich Nhat Hanh, Kabir and their own lyrics blend in a unique way towards the One.

Stop, Breathe and Smile is a journey into the Mystery, to the cutting edge of reality and the evolution of the human species. We explore the known and unknown, in the areas of science, spirituality, and expression. We share our experiences through the promotion and production of a myriad of events dedicated to Truth, Beauty and Oneness. Through this, we create a welcome zone in South Florida for those seeking to embrace a new universal awareness.

For more information about Mirabai Ceiba and to view and listen to their music, please visit www.mirabaiceiba.com

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