The Exhibition Claim to Fane by Juan FANE Carbonell 12/3/11

Saturday, December 4, 6:00pm until 12:00am
The Madonna Building
3940 N Miami Avenue
Miami, FL 33137

The Exhibition “Claim to Fane” depicts the life of Juan FANE Carbonell.

Through the use of numerous mediums such as Acrylic Paint, Paint Markers, and Spray Paint; FANE explains his evolution from a Graffiti Tagger to a Graffiti Artist and how a genre that began as a form of rebellion turned into a form of expression. In his early days of writing on walls with crayons, FANE thought of nothing else but having fun and letting loose. As time went on, his artistic passion grew stronger as well as his desire to make a statement: A mark in history or claim to fame as one might say. Born in Venezuela but raised in Miami by Venezuelan Cuban parents has let FANE experience plenty of diversities within cultures which collaborate to his final outputs which are all his visions and dreams meant to be shared with the public for their interpretation and enjoyment.

The Art itself does not only tell a story in itself but reflects on the artist himself, Juan FANE Carbonell.

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