#SeaTweetup Update Day 1 11/18/11

Just a quick update for Day 1 of #SeaTweetup. (Larger photo galleries will be uploaded once we get back.) The reception by our host, Kristine, was spectacular. She has been so helpful and instrumental in making this all happen. Thanks to Norwegian for working with us, too! The weather was terrible, windy and rainy, and the seas were really rough, but despite all that, we were having a fabulous time.

After boarding the ship, we headed up to the pool deck for the tasting with MillerCoors. They hooked us all up with plenty of Fosters, Blue Moon and Miller Light and food pairings to go with them. The speakers were very interesting, and I actually learned a better appreciation of beer and how it enhances food (Disclaimer: normally I’m not a beer guy, prefering the hard stuff).

After a short break, we gathered for a sponsored cocktail party, hosted by Cruise Deals. Open open open bar for an hour! Not something you usually get on a cruise ship because they make a lot of their revenue off drinks.

I tried to make it to dinner, but after a week of almost no sleep preparing for Art Basel, and drinking all day, I was wiped out and uncharacteristically crashed out really early.
-James Echols

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