Sunday Fantasy Football Fest 11/20/11

Sunday Fantasy Football Fest
November 20th
Mayfair Hotel’s Rooftop

The Fins Lounge at Mayfair Hotel’s Rooftop is inviting Fantasy Football Players to enjoy their league’s winning glory at “Fantasy Football Fest” kick off on November 20th. No longer debating which TV is best for the game, the Fins Lounge will have cabana rentals with private TVs, bucket of beer and wings promotions, while the most valuable players win prizes.

For those who need to bring wives/girlfriends and children to join, they’ll receive free Prosecco and ice cream, while enjoying the rooftop pool.

Offers for players: Rewards only redeemable with a print out of the roster for Sunday/Monday’s games.
One of your players scored a touchdown this week: Domestic beer
Matchup winners: House drink
Ranked #1 in your league that week: Dozen wings

Fins Lounge regular Sunday promotions include:
Bucket of 5 Domestic beers at $20.00
Margherita Pizza & Bud Light Pitcher for $15.00
$3.00 Domestic beers
$0.50 a wing (minimum order 20 wings)