Romance in a Can’s Opening Night celebrated at The Angler’s Boutique Resort By Betty Alvarez

Romance in a Can celebrated another year of romantic films on their Opening Night at The Anglers Boutique Resort in Miami Beach. Guests were treated to cocktails and appetizers as they anticipated for the first film, “The Age or Reason” with Sophie Marceau. A special welcoming presentation with the Executive Director of Romance in a Can, Isabelle Lambert was given.

The French film (with English subtitle) dealt with Margaret (Marceau) as a high-powered executive in the construction industry, who manages her career with steely determination. Her hyper-structured life revolves around Blackberry appointments, business dinners and a secret sexual relationship with her colleague Malcolm (Marton Csokas). But on her 40th birthday, a retired provincial solicitor delivers a package of long-forgotten letters from a long-forgotten stranger: her seven year-old self. Margaret quickly finds herself overwhelmed by hidden memories of her childhood that throw her worldview into chaos, as she realizes she’s become the exact opposite of what she hoped for herself.

In this film, Marceau delivered one of the most generous and expressive performances of her career, as the secrets and compromises of Margaret’s life come back to shake her. Fresh, bright and stylistically inventive with a touch of magic realism, here was a thoroughly-winning charmer that fans adored.

Photographs by Betty Alvarez copyright 2011