Upper Eastside Farmer’s Market at Biscayne Plaza 2/26/11

Terranova Launches Home Grown Farmers’ Market At Biscayne Plaza
Biscayne Plaza
561 NE 79th Street
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This seasonal market, taking place every Saturday from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM, beginning February 19, 2011 and ending May 28, 2011, will feature a variety of locally grown fresh produce, fresh tropical juices prepared on site, artisan breads, local honey, and some prepared foods.

The Upper Eastside Farmer’s Market at Biscayne Plaza will be held at the northeast lot of Biscayne Plaza Shopping Center closest to 81st street and Biscayne Blvd. Terranova is working with Urban Oasis Project, a local not-for-profit corporation and Urban Oasis Project Founder Melissa M. Contreras to produce the market.

“We expect this market to be a celebration of local food, real food without chemicals, made available to all people, regardless of economic and social barriers,” said Contreras. “We expect to attract both high income and low income customers, and expect this market to serve both. Farmers’ markets are a great equalizer, and rich and poor shop side-by-side, as our common denominator, food, brings us together. We expect to educate and inform the public regarding local food issues.”

The Upper Eastside Farmer’s Market at Biscayne Plaza is an environmentally-friendly market. The organizers encourage the use of recyclable or biodegradable disposables, and will collect vegetable scraps for compost to be used in the Urban Oasis gardens built in under-served areas. In addition, Urban Oasis will provide a $10 matching program for all users of EBT, per market day, in the form of tokens or immediate credit, to be spent on fresh fruits and vegetables.

The Upper Eastside Farmer’s Market is the latest project to be hosted by Terranova at Biscayne Plaza Shopping Center. On Thursday, February 3rd the Street Food Court at Biscayne Plaza food truck dinner series debuted featuring Miami’s top-rated mobile food vendors. Every Thursday the food trucks are parked in the northeast lot of Biscayne Plaza from 5:30 – 9:30 PM.

Located at 561 NE 79th Street, Biscayne Plaza serves as a lasting retail staple to the surrounding areas of Miami’s Upper Eastside. Built in 1953, it is known as Miami’s first major suburban shopping center, and lies just north of the historic Miami Modern District. Biscayne Plaza bridges a unique array of urban and suburban communities such as Miami Shores, Little Haiti, Belle Meade, and El Portal.

“The Upper Eastside Farmer’s Market and the Street Food Court at Biscayne Plaza are community-building initiatives aimed at helping to redevelop the upper eastside of Miami and to re-position Biscayne Plaza Shopping Center, once the neighborhood’s preeminent shopping destination, as a viable retail location,” said Kelliann McDonald, Terranova Marketing and Public Relations Manager. “We invite our upper eastside neighbors to come out, meet and mingle. We are looking forward to a thriving community event series.”