Twitter March to Commemorate First Anniversary of Haiti Earthquake 1/12/11

Twitter March to Commemorate First Anniversary of Haiti Earthquake

January 12th will mark the first anniversary of the earthquake that shook the nation of Haiti like never before. The 7.0 magnitude earthquake claimed well over 200,000 lives and left millions homeless and in need of emergency aid. With a total population of approximately 9 million people, the effects of the earthquake have been devastating to the already impoverished nation. While the effects have been devastating to the country, there have been countless stories of hope that have resonated in our hearts and mind as we reflect on the event that occurred.

To commemorate this time in our human history, CLOAK is leading a virtual march on Twitter. The march will celebrate the people that endured the earthquake, those that sacrificed themselves to help others, and those that have participated and are still contributing to solutions to help those in need. “This is a march about love,” says CLOAK CEO, Ebonie Mukasa.

People from all over the world will participate in solidarity to the nation of Haiti. Logon to your Twitter account and follow @cloakinc to participate in the momentous occasion and to show your solidarity and love for Haiti. The virtual march will begin at 4:53 EST on January 12, 2011. A message will be released to mark the beginning of the march. Follow @cloakinc on Twitter today to be connected to the movement. A satellite virtual march will also be happening on Facebook for those who do not have a Twitter accounts.

CLOAK Inc is a for-profit fashion brand whose mission is to promote hope and inspiration. CLOAK has supported organizations focused on Haiti relief since 2008. Before the earthquake in 2010, Haiti was a nation stricken by poverty and an unbelieveable food-crisis. As Haiti rebuilds, CLOAK will continue to support trust-worthy organizations and do more work on the ground.

Fore more information contact Johanne P. Wilson at or call 917 837 5853.

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