Sensory Luxury 12/2-4/10

Sensory Luxury
December 2-4, 7pm-10pm
Acoustic Architects
271 NW 23rd Street
Miami, Florida

An Exclusive Presentation of Fine Contemporary Art in the Wynwood Arts District – Art Basel Miami, 7-10pm Dec 2, 3 and 4

…Jen Haley – Kurt Merkel – Derek Gores – Christina Major – Mirinka Bendova – Larry Buist

“This dynamic exhibit is a true feast for the senses… Melt in front of Jen Haley’s organic abstracts in paint and epoxy resin. Hear the ‘poetry of line’ in Kurt Merkel’s caligraphic works in metal and stone. Absorb the layers of memory in Derek Gores’ lush collage portraits made of recycled magazines. Wonder at Christina Major’s ethereal figure paintings lost in a dream. Witness Mirinka Bendova’s sensual figures and Larry Buist’s control of layered wood in creating new natural forms. Look… Listen… Feel…”
– Acoustic Architects

“I’m thrilled to present this collection of artists to the Art Basel Miami audience. We have beautiful new ideas, cutting edge techniques, artists with national and international careers underway. Derek Gores, for example, is represented by Thinkspace Gallery LA and was just named ‘one of the 40 important artists in the New Contemporary Movement’ at the London Miles Gallery in the UK. Come see what all the buzz is about… at ‘Sensory Luxury’.”
– Curator Jen Haley