Annette Recommonds the Key Lime Pie at Van Dyke Cafe

I know this is a very specific recommended but Van Dyke Cafe Key Lime pie is that good.    Van Dyke’s Key Lime pie is the best I have tasted, I know I have not tasted all of the Key Lime Pie (I believe I have a new mission in life).  The pie has just the right amount of tartness (has more bite to than most) and the graham cracker crust is just perfect, melts in your mouth.  So if you have not tried their Key Lime Pie it is worth a trip to Van Dyke’s on Lincoln Road to try it.  Hope to see you there and share a piece of Key Lime Pie.

Van Dyke Cafe
846 Lincoln Rd
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 534-3600