The Luckiest Penny show at the Ability Explosion 10/21/10

“The Luckiest Penny” at the Ability Explosion
October 21st at 12:15
Miami Beach Convention Center
Featured on the Resource & Technology and Education Expo
It is FREE

“The Luckiest Penny” is an interactive all original musical that shares why “Self-worth has NO price tag!” It is seen through the eyes of two rare, pure copper 1943 pennies. Allister, believes that he is perfect because he lives in a plastic case which has protected him from taking life’s tumbles. Henrietta, on the other hand, is a tossed about penny with different abilities, who knows what is really important in life. The mission of the production is to accept each other’s different ABILITIES through a FUN and whimsical way! Here’s what Laura Duksta, Author, New York Times Bestseller, of I Love You More said: “The Luckiest Penny gives us all an opportunity to look at what we value about ourselves and other. It is an engaging story that encourages the conversation of self-worth and love!

Ability Explosion is a week long series of exciting events made to celebrate the abilities of individuals with disabilities.
October 19-24