Burn Off Your Cafeteria Food at InterContinental Miami with Dirt Fitness Complimentary Class 9/1/10

DIRT FITNESS will host a lunchtime workout next Wednesday, September 1 at 12:15PM at InterContinental Miami’s Lower Deck of the Plaza Level.

If you are in need of a tough workout or seeking alternatives to implement fitness and health into their lives in less than one hour –DIRT FITNESS, the 40-minute high resistance program burns up to 600 calories with back-to-the-basic exercises – a superior program designed for all fitness levels and time-sensitive individuals.

Miami Beach residents along with downtown’s banking and business executives are confirmed to attend the complimentary class in an effort to sweat off mid-morning coffeecake and cappuccino calories with the following exercises (but not limited to):
· Short sprints
· Burpees
· Kettlebell training
· Push-ups
· Pull-ups
The sweat-inducing class features functional training that utilizes bands, balls, free weights, kettle bells and plyometric exercises, a method of training muscle elastic strength to enhance performance, speed, agility and balance.

DIRT FITNESS starts with a brief warm-up and demonstration, and then progresses into four exercises performed in a sequence of four continuous sets. The objective of the timed program is to move at the fastest pace possible while maintaining proper form. Scientific studies show that high-intensity programs such as DIRT FITNESS help achieve greater caloric expenditure due to increased muscle recruitment.

DIRT FITNESS enhances endurance, increases strength, decreases body fat, targets multiple muscle groups, dramatically transforms the body and enhances overall physical and cardiovascular strength – in just weeks.