The Truth Project 8/26/10

The Truth Project
August 26th, 2010, 7:00 pm
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This weeks lesson (Unio Mystica)
“Am I Alone”

INTRODUCTION: Lesson 8 takes us to the southeast sector of the Truth compass for a tour of the socialsphere that Dr. Tackett characterizes as the heart and soul of Christianity: the Mystical Union (Latin, Unio Mystica) between God and man. Here, in the most intimate and profoundly mysterious sphere of the “Intimate Three” (family, church, and the God-man relationship), we have the privilege of pondering exactly what it is that Christ has purchased for us at the price of His precious blood shed on the cross for our sins: not simply salvation from hell, but an invitation into the Godhead itself, where we may experience the incomprehensible wonder of oneness with the Creator of the universe.

(they do not have a band on Tuesdays, but you may wish to bring a sweater because it does get a bit chilly)
Since most wish to order food, please do so early and we will wait till the food arrives to start if you arrive late and want food please order it outside and wait for it and bring it inside with you as we have asked the waiter not to come in during the series. We have also ask for them to make sure it is not too cold in there. We had a great turn out last week and hope you come again this week. With these changes I think it will greatly improve our time

We will start the DVD at 7:15 sharp so dont be late and we will finish right at 9pm, if you wish to stay longer in discussion/prayer you are encouraged to do so after study is over. Please bring your bible, note pad and pen.

Here is Focus on the Family’s write up except the words in red:
Focus on the Family’s The Truth Project is a DVD-based Christian worldview curriculum specifically designed and licensed for use in home-based small groups. Each “tour” is taught by Dr. Del Tackett, President of the Focus on the Family Institute and a Senior Vice President of our ministry.

The curriculum also includes worldview experts Ravi Zacharias, Os Guinness and R.C. Sproul.
Please call 561-294-4344 for local as it is changing at this time.