Photographs by Anthony Jordon of Smirnoff Ice and Univision Radio at Nikki Beach on 8/6/10

Smirnoff Ice and Univision Radio launch second summer concert series featuring latin music artists at Nikki Beach on Friday, August 6, 2010.   The series kicks-off seaside at Nikki Beach with Grammy nominated reggaeton duo R.K.M & Ken-y.

Photographs taken by Anthony Jordon to see more of his work go to his facebook page, click here.

Smirnoff Ice Summer Concert Series presented by Univision Radio Featuring R.K.M & Ken-Y at Nikki Beach Miami
The Smirnoff Ice Summer Concert Series kicked-off last Friday, August 6, 2010 at Nikki Beach in Miami with dynamic reggaeton duo R.K.M & Ken-Y. The beachside party was an affair for the books, featuring Enrique Santos from Mix 98.3 as the night’s MC, DJ NIKOLAS on the turntables alongside The brpr Group’s resident TJ Manu, and of course R.K.M & Ken-Y fans who earned their way in to the exclusive concert through Univision Radio’s local station giveaways and @SmirnoffMiami Twitter Trivia Contests.

As promised, the first concert of the 2010 series was more than just the musical event of the summer; it was a social media frenzy that satisfied its Twitter, Foursquare, and Stickybits savvy public to the fullest. The brpr Group’s TJ Manu took over Nikki Beach, giving every Tweep on site a chance to share a shout-out on the big screen, while broadcasting Foursquare check-ins and prompting partiers to scan every Smirnoff Ice barcode on site. The night’s social media maestros delighted Stickybits enthusiasts and introduced newbies to the new craze of barcode scanning by temp tattooing concert-goers with the Smirnoff Ice barcode, allowing them to share their R.K.M & Ken-Y experience with other Smirnoff Ice drinkers from across the globe. “This evening was a prime example of how we can take social media offline and bring it, instead, to the front line,” says The brpr Group’s Social Media Curator, Jennifer Batchelor, “we used everything we had at our disposal to take the conversation ‘mobile’ which enabled us to instantly tap in to the crowd’s stream of consciousness, engaging the fans in the moment rather than waiting for the after-thought.”

A first in Miami and new to the media world, Honorary Twitter Press Passes from The brpr Group were awarded to avid @SmirnoffMiami and @thebrprgroup followers as recognition of their outstanding social networking connectivity and continued support of the Twitterverse.

The crew from SocialBuzzTV was at the center of it all as they captured the night’s festivities on film, promising the most vivid recap of a night that will not likely be forgotten. Add this to the USTREAM feed shot right from the DJ/TJ booth and you would not have missed a beat. Additionally, favorite local photographers Marisa Matluck of NBC Miami and Anthony Jordon of The Miami New Times and Soul of Miami were on-site to capture the night’s debauchery with exclusive shots of R.K.M & Ken-Y and their ecstatic fans. The night was a celebration of the Grammy nominated duo’s escalating career as audience members danced to favorites like “Down”, which reached #1 on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart, and radio sensations “Te Regalo Amores” and “Me Matas.”

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