Annette Recommends Tonino Lamborghini Tonino Lamborghini Caffe Corsa in The Village at Gulfstream Park

Tonino Lamborghini Caffe Corsa in The Village at Gulfstream Park is a really wonderful Italian restaurant.    The staff was outstanding, the food was amazing and the prices were very good, expectally for the quality of food you receive.

Okay here we go, first they brought over a basket of bread and three sauces, olive oil with balsamic vineger, sun-dried tomato, and a herb cheese.  The first course was an arugula and parmesan salad with a lemon dressing, and I have to say this was one of the best salads I have had, it was very light and really, really good.

And then next we had a meat, cheese and marinated vegetable plate with baby artichokes, eggplant caponata, proscuitto di parma, salami, fresh paramesan and goat cheese with bread, seaved with Mandra Rossa Nero D’Avola red wine from Sicilla. I have to say that the fresh paramesan was so good I think I ate almost all of it by myself, the eggplant caponata was amazing, all of it was so good, tried not to eat to much still had more to come.

Then we had a sample of three differnet pastas. First was my favorite, the Fettucin Ai Funghi Misti (fettuccine with mix wild mushrooms and truffle oil), Ravioli Di Zucca (butternut squash ravioli with butter and sage) and Gnocchi Al Pesto Di Zucchini E Ragout Di Gamberi (potato gnocchi with zucchini pesto, shrimp ragout and grape tomato). We were served a Blackstone Merlot with the pasta. All three pastas where outstanding and amazing.

Then we had the Branzino Al Forno (roasted mediterranean sea bass, lemon artichokes, asparagus). The way it was prepared you could taste the sea bass and it was so good, the asparagus where cooked just right, a little Al dente and the flavor was awesome.

Okay now for dessert, we had the Italian cheese cake, made with Ricotta cheese, I loved it!  It was different then the New York Style cheesecakes I am used to,  but I have to say I think I may like this style better.  We also had a Vanilla Bean Custard (I cant remember the name) with berries. It was AMAZING, very light and so yummy. We where served a Pinot Grigio from Sicila that went with dessert beautifully.

Addendum from James: Tonino Lamborghini Caffe Corsa is an excellent value for the money. From the name, Lamborghini, of course I assumed that it would be pricey, but actually the prices are very reasonable, more in the range of a family restaurant. Entrees range from around $15 to $25, pizzas are about $13 to $18, and the goodly sized salads are $10 to $15. However, the food is so much better than the prices indicate. Many of the ingredients are sourced directly from Italy. Much of the menu items are handmade on site and you can really tell the difference in taste.

I would call Tonino Lamborghini Caffe Corsa homestyle Italian food. Food as if you were in Italy visiting your Italian grandmother. It does have a bit of a world-fusion twist to it, as well. Many of the items will be unfamiliar to the average diner, but the staff is extremely knowledgeable, so be sure to ask them about the food. Highly recommended.

Tonino Lamborghini Caffé Corsa
The Village of Gulfstream Park
501 South Federal Highway
Hallendale Beach, FL 33009