WIFF Celebrates India 3/29-30/10

Zee Cinema Panel Featuring
Paras Chaudhari (Writer and Actor of independent film “Astoria Park”)
Jaideep Balial (VP, Head of Programming at Zee Cinema)
Ami Sheth (rising TV/film actress)
Mon., March 29, 6:15 PM; Miami Science Museum
Directed By: Mangla Bansal
India/Canada, 2009
8 mins, Narrative Short, Color
Mon., March29, 7:30 PM; Miami Science Museum $12
Sindoor is a short dramatic film about a young Indo-Canadian woman’s search to find peace after losing the love of her life in a car accident
World Premiere

Land Gold Women
Directed By: Avantika Hari
India/UK, 2009
Urdu with English subtitles
109 mins, Narrative Feature, Color
Mon., March29, 7:30 PM; Miami Science Museum $12
Tradition and modernity clash in this heartbreaking tale of a loving father who wants what is best for his 17 year old daughter about to finish school. She has a different opinion and soon their worlds are on a collision course.
North America Premiere

Behind Closed Doors
Directed By: Pracheta Sharma & Jessica Hopper
India/USA, 2009
27 mins, Documentary Short, Color
Tues., March 30, 5 PM; Cosford Cinema $12
Live-in nannies and maids are part of a large workforce that is often ignored, underpaid and exploited in the privacy of homes. Caught in a vicious cycle of labor trafficking, a group of South Asian domestic workers is fighting back. These women have only one thing to rely on: themselves.
World Premiere

Delhi Bound to Work
Directed By: Reena Kukreja Starring: Narinder Samra
India, 2009
Hindi & Oriya with English subtitles
58 mins, Documentary Feature, Color
Tues., March 30, 5 PM; Cosford Cinema $12
An intimate look at the lives of rural women migrating to work as
live-in domestic workers in urban centers of India in this sensitive portrayal of the young domestic workers.
World Premiere