Miami 21 Open Forum Discussion with Fransisco Garcia Iglesias at the M1 GBRC 2/11/10

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Miami 21 ‘Town Hall’ Information Series with guest speaker Francisco Garcia Iglesias – Part I
February 11, 2010 6:00PM-8:00PM
-Metro 1 Properties, Inc. – 120 NE 27th Street Suite 200 – Miami, FL 33137

The Metro 1 Green Building Resource Center invites you to learn more about Miami 21 with guest speaker Francisco Garcia Iglesias. The presentation will discuss Miami 21 in a two-part series covering the topics below. Guests are welcome to ask questions and voice opinions in this ‘town hall’ series.

About Miami 21: Miami has been engaged over the last five years in a wholesale restructuring of its development regulations. The result of these efforts, a code and development plan named Miami 21 was approved in September, 2009 and will complete the adoption process in 2010. The adoption of Miami 21 signals a drastic break with Euclidian zoning. Euclidian or use-based zoning has held sway over American development for nearly 90 years; it has resulted in the wholesale deterioration of urban centers and brought about the dominance of the suburb as the default housing habitat for Americans.

Miami 21 can be termed diversely a form-based code, a transect-based code, a sequential growth code or an infrastructure-based code. Most importantly, it departs from legalistic concepts of buffering and use segregation and promotes sustainable development through the implementation of planning well established principles:
– Walkability and pedestrian oriented development.
– Neighborhood-based urban structure as opposed to a corridor-based suburban structure
– Integration of complementary uses and densification of areas properly served by public transit
– Gradual transition between development intensities to generate harmony and maintain property value
– Qualitative evaluation of development according to sustainability criteria requiring compliance with well-established environmental principles
– Predictability of development parameters by using net lot area and gross floor area based formulae as opposed to gross floor area and net floor area
– Reduction of bureaucratic processes by reducing reliance on public hearing / adversarial permitting

Miami 21 is the first city-wide development code to adopt this methodology in a major urban area. The creation, design and implementation of Miami 21 have become a nation-wide case study, a precedent of sustainable regulation intended as model and precedent for American cities.

Location: Metro 1 Green Building Resource Center | 120 NE 27th ST #200, Miami, FL 33137
Cost: Free for M1 GBRC members | $10 for non-members (Refreshments will be served)
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