LeVeL8 Live Recording at Cooper City Church of God 2/26/10

LeVeL8’s first album, which is self titled, will be recorded on Feb 26, 2010 at the Cooper City Church of God. 9191 Stirling Road Cooper City Florida.
We are incorporating a “praise and worship” experience with the direction that the album will take. We really just want people to think about God when they hear our music.
LeVeL8 takes a more varied approach flavored with techno, rock, Caribbean mixes, Latin, rap and a little R&B. We seek a fresh sound and we want our music to appeal not only to people in America but all people across the globe.
LeVeL8, which signifies, ‘A New Beginning’ was birthed in late 2008. The name indicates that anyone, regardless of life circumstances can make a turnaround. The group takes everyday life situations and places in it a spiritual perspective that allows Christ to resonate in the Lyrics written and the music we play