Wish You Were Here History of Miami Beach the Musical 10/1-3/10


“Miami Beach – the Musical”
The 100+ history of Miami Beach & the characters who played a role in this history — seen through the eyes of a photographer and his magical genie!
Oct 1, 2, and 3. Fri. & Sat. 8 pm and Sun. at 3 pm
Arts at St Johns, 4760 Pinetree Drive, Miami Beach 33140
Tickets now on sale ONLINE.

Make a donation of $50 or more for free tickets.

A donations of $250 or higher gives you special treatment!
Opening Night:
* Walk the red carpet along with other VIPS & donors.
* Join famous celebrities, nefarious politicians and sexy starlets in front-row seats!

At the VIP After-Party on Sunday evening, Oct 3:
* Mingle with actors and singers.
* Hobnob with other prominent people.
* Meet “Miami’s in-demand director” David Kingery.
Your name and logo in printed & online publicity.

Tax-deductible donations can be made online:
FOR MORE INFO, contact us at 305-613-2325 or artsatstjohns@bellsouth.net

Artistic Director: David Kingery. Music Director: Chris Lobdell.
Co-Director: Kevin Black. Lyricist: Doug Cureton.
Scriptwriters: David Kingery, David Leddick & Dale Penn.
Music composers: Andrew Sargent and David Cohen.

Coming OCTOBER 1, 2 and 3, 2010 “The History of Miami Beach – The Musical” is an original production featuring ‘your’ stories of places, times and happenings covering the past 100+ years! This show will offer plenty of opportunities for individuals, performers, organizations and businesses to be part of this show! Please contact us if you have stories about living, working or visiting Miami Beach, particularly in its earlier years!! Mark Your Calendar Now!! OCTOBER 1, 2 and 3, 2010! 305.613.2325
artsatstjohns@bellsouth.net www.artsatstjohns.com