Sasha returns to Sundance 11/8/09

There are DJs who turn up, play records & make people dance… and there are producers who make the dancefloor-igniting records those DJs would kill for. Few people in dance music can do both & Sasha is the leader of the pack. He simply makes good records sound better, great records sound awesome & everything he plays into his own. Exactly a year ago at Sundance, Sasha engineered a 4 hour journey of emotion from his very first song, till the lights turned on. Those who were there as deejays, learned that it wasn’t about playing the biggest & loudest records, one behind another. Those who were there as clubbers, felt & heard something they seldom experience… Art in the form of music. The painter, sculptor or who ever you wanted him to be, was Sasha. On Sunday, Nov.8th experience Sasha’s return to Sundance along side Dj Three.

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Event info & Reservations call or text 305.322.0583.
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Set: 320 Lincoln Rd. Miami Beach, Fl. 33139