The Big Beat at Hollywood’s Arts Park world record drumming for Mr. Holland’s Opus 11/1/09


The BIG BEAT started out as a dream for Jeffery Lee. The owner of Resurrection Drums located in Hollywood, Florida imagined thousands of people coming together for one great cause and a world record. Last year his dream became a reality as he brought together a record number of drummers assembled through the Big Five Network spanning nine cities to play the same beat at the same time to raise money to bring the gift of music to underprivileged schools in South Florida. This year Title Sports Drink joins the passionate Jeffery Lee on a crusade help others through music and top the world record once again.

Jeffery Lee feels that music is a universal language with no barriers. He sees a disturbing trend in where school districts are cutting out music programs which he feels is a vital part of children’s development. This is where the Big Beat comes in. Last year $45,000 dollars were raised for Mr. Holland’s Opus. Mr. Holland’s Opus is a charitable organization that provides new and used instruments to underprivileged schools. The best part is they make sure all the donations raised go to schools here in South Florida. This year 11 cities will come together and play the same beat together to break the world record once again. Jeffery is expecting about 200 drummers to participate in the world record attempt and over 2000 spectators and other drummers to come out and enjoy the festivities which will have a festival like atmosphere. Among the 2000 strong will be celebrity drummers Jorge Moreno (Latin Grammy winner), Derek Roddy (winner of Fastest Drummer Competition), Russ Miller (Cher, Lionel Ritchie, Nelly Furtado), Willie Stewart (Third World, Bob Marley and Stevie Wonder), recording artist Eric Nelson, and Fushu Daiko Taiko Drummers. All cities will be linked by video screen to authenticate the record. This year Jeffery and the Big Beat will be getting a push from Title Sports Drink.
Title Sports Drink and the Big Beat have certain parallels which make this a great marriage. Jeffrey claims that a long session on the drums can be compared to running a marathon. Jeffrey figured that Title would be a perfect fit to help his drummers achieve the world record. Title Sports Drink is on their own crusade to introduce Title into the public school system. The junk food which includes Gatorade and sodas are contributing to the diabetes and the obesity issues seen today in children. Title has half the sugar and sodium of other drinks and carries only 30 calories per serving yes it provide more healthy electrolytes and natural energy than other sports drinks. Professional athletes like the Miami Dolphins own Ronnie Brown and Buffalo Bills star Terrell Owens believe in the product so much that they have joined the Title team and become official representatives of the sports drink. Delicious in taste, Title proudly claims the top spot nutritionally. It’s all natural, proprietary formulation fuels the body with the perfect blend of electrolytes and ionic trace minerals. Athletes don’t experience the crashes or cramping that is associated with other sports drinks. No sodium danger, no high fructose corn syrup, and no fake colors make Title Sports Drink the go to drink for any athlete that is aiming for the title.
The Big Beat will be a one-of-a-kind experience to be enjoyed by any age. On this one day over 2000 people will come together in the heart of South Florida for the love of music and children. For more information:
The Big Beat takes place at: Hollywood’s Arts Park, located at US1, and Hollywood Blvd. in Hollywood. Sunday, November 1st from 12:00pm to 7:00 pm!