Dream Concierge Networking Event 10/24/09

Welcome to Dream Concierge, a unique concept in Miami. We offer different packages and different services depending on each individual need. We are trying to alleviate what can be a burden for many in a unique concept to Miami.

On Saturday October 24th, we are hosting a Business Networking Event for young professionals. The cost of the event is $100 per person and includes appetizers, drinks, limo ride from restaurant to club and a table with VIP service at the club. All drinks are included. This event is to promote Dream Concierge as well as a networking event for business. We, as young professionals, look forward to seeing you and working with you.

Reservations are mandatory and there is a cutoff date, which is the Thursday prior to the event. Reservations can be made at reservations@miamidreamconcierge.com or you can call 305.831.2658.

We look forward to seeing you all there and don’t forget to check out our website at www.miamidreamconcierge.com

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