USA Premier La anunciacion Wait For You In Eternity (Annunciation) Film by Cuban film director Enrique Pineda Barnet at Tower Theater 9/29/09

USA Premier “La anunciación” WAIT FOR YOU IN ETERNITY (Annunciation) “FILM” by Cuban film director Enrique Pineda Barnet
Tue. Sep. 29 7pm & 9pm at Tower Theater
A Cuban Family within the tour cardinal points… looks for sponsorship.
Synopsis: Amalia, spiritualist old woman, has just become a widow. She lives in a small, last floor-apartment of an old building, with Cristobal, her 10 year-old grandson and with his younger son, Mayito, who is not at home most of the time. Amalia summons her sons in order to read their father’s Will. Her sons: Ricardo, revolutionary engineer, lives and works in a humble, small provincial town; Margarita, architect, lives in the United States where she has formed a family; and Mayito, bohemian musician and poet; they all live separate worlds. This reunion serves the brothers to settle some accounts of their lives.
Amalia, a faithful believer, falsifies the father’s legacy aiming at reconcilement. During a séance, calling the dead husband’s spirit, he speaks through Amalia’s grandson. Surprisingly, the spirit really speaks and reveals the existence of the legitimate document. When they all are about to read the Will in order to attack it, the grandson tears it up and throws the document out the window. Finally, he recovers the real Will and keeps it.
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A CO-PRESENTATION WITH Miami Dade College, CUBAN CINEMA SERIES and The Tower Theater